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Chef Kaneda’s first step into the world of culinary arts began with French cuisine.After studying Classic and Modern French styles, he decided to delve into the world of his native country’s Japanese cuisine. This endeavor began as a sous chef at a one-star Japanese restaurant which eventually led to working at a three-star restaurant"Ryugin" in Tokyo where over the course of five years he developed a deeper and more nuanced understanding of Japanese cuisine. An ambition for adventure and a desire to learn more about various foods and cooking methods from around the world led to him traveling the globe for two years. From these experiences of working at many restaurants in a variety of different parts of the world, which included restaurants such as “Gaggan” in Bangkok, he garnered a deep knowledge of numerous ingredients and cooking styles which now influence his approach to cuisine today. 
 While being based on Japanese cuisine, our unique offerings can only be created by chefs who have experience with various genres from around the world. We hope you will enjoy this culinary experience with us in the comforts of a renovated 70 year old traditional Japanese home.  



Dinner Course  ¥30,000
*exclude 10% sales tax and 10% service charge
We serve tasting menu featuring seasonal ingredients.
In order to design your courses,please let us know if you have any allergies,dietary restrictions,and ingredients you dislike.
Without your input,we cannot prepare the best cuisines for you.



We are fully booked until the end of 2024.
 Open hours  
Dinner : 17:45 open , 18:00 start
  9 Seats


Please make a reservation from tableall

<Cancel policy>
We will charge the following cancellation fee if you cancel within two days of the reserved date.

・Until two days before:0%
・One day before:50%
・On the resereved date:100%

We have only 9 seats and usually buy fish and other food ingredients several days before your reservation.If we miss two seats by cancellation,the loss will burden on us.Thus,it would be appreciated if you understand our cancellation policy.



Postal code:812-0023
Address:4-11-3 narayamachi Hakata-ku Fukuoka-shi
・6min walking distance from "Nakasu-kawabata" subway station
・6min walking distance from "Gofukumachi" subway station
・6min from Hakata station by taxi
If you come to our restaurant by taxi,please show the following address to the taxi driver.